C#学习教程:C#JSON解析。 解析了逃脱的JSON分享

C#JSON解析。 解析了逃脱的JSON


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We all know the Government needs to reform, but they don't want to because one of their buddies has money tied up in the program. Its all about money and some 'person' keeping his/her job",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:07:31+0000",n "likes": 2n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15657",n "from": {n "name": "Barby Parker",n "id": "100001832287011"n },n "message": "It's about frikken time...let's get some serious work done Government Accountability Office!!!!",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:08:08+0000",n "likes": 1n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15662",n "from": {n "name": "John Craig",n "id": "100000471480073"n },n "message": "they will come up with an efficiency board. to help with efficiency. LOL!!!!!!",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:09:12+0000",n "likes": 4n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15663",n "from": {n "name": "Michael Reece",n "id": "503494877"n },n "message": "let's just say that the post speaks for itself.. there had to be a government accountability office to point that out... and we'll just see how well that's taken.. can we all just agree that if they ACTUALLY cared about this, that it would have already been done? I mean, I cut people off the clock when labor gets high, so... what the hell have these people been doing? besides STEALING billions and trillions of dollars that you and I worked for? I don't know about you guys, but I hate it when people steal from my wallet and nobody does anything about it.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:09:47+0000",n "likes": 3n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15665",n "from": {n "name": "Jennifer Johnson",n "id": "1240748655"n },n "message": "Understatement... Queue 38 strategic VA initiatives related to claims processing.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:10:14+0000"n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15666",n "from": {n "name": "Michael Huffman",n "id": "1346033926"n },n "message": "Increase inneficiency bro. You're going about this the wrong way.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:10:21+0000"n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15668",n "from": {n "name": "Zachary Tanner",n "id": "1418226102"n },n "message": "Eliminate the DEA. All we need is the ATF",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:11:49+0000"n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15669",n "from": {n "name": "Sean Brontosaurus Merz",n "id": "1416480759"n },n "message": "\"Like\" if you want to decrease government inefficiency? THat's like saying \"Like\" if you think Hitler was a bad guy...The issue isn't whether or not you want to decrease government inefficiency. The issue is whether or not you can do that without hurting innocent people...Just saying.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:13:16+0000"n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15670",n "from": {n "name": "Judy Zandt",n "id": "1071496566"n },n "message": "How about cutting the free rent for drug dealers? I had one living across the street for a while, and I just watched property values drop while they lived there. I do not appreciate being forced to support this type of person.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:13:46+0000"n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15671",n "from": {n "name": "David Enders",n "id": "100000835155777"n },n "message": "Ok good start,next Homeland security.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:13:48+0000"n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15672",n "from": {n "name": "Thomas Elliott",n "id": "1105406132"n },n "message": "Why do we need the BATF ??",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:13:49+0000"n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15674",n "from": {n "name": "Lori Shoenberger",n "id": "100002093863834"n },n "message": "End Dept of Energy and Education",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:15:14+0000",n "likes": 1n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15675",n "from": {n "name": "Anthony Burton",n "id": "100000815275960"n },n "message": "LIKE this comment if you think inefficiency in the government should be ELIMINATED.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:15:54+0000",n "likes": 6n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15676",n "from": {n "name": "Tracy Barber",n "id": "1314090738"n },n "message": "Not to take people's jobs, but there is too much overlap. Reduction in the TAX process would be a plus, although that is a major industry for some people.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:17:30+0000",n "likes": 1n },n {n "id": "107171896014674_102291113198394_15683",n "from": {n "name": "Veronica Mason",n "id": "100000928641657"n },n "message": "Good luck with that.",n "created_time": "2011-06-02T21:25:48+0000"n }n ]n}" } ] 

正如您所看到的,正文非常重要,而正文是完全转义的JSON字符串。 在C#中,有没有什么好方法可以使用这个完全转义的JSON字符串?

这是来自Facebook的一个例子(拉动喜欢的人和post中的评论。对我的Feed有最多评论的post是政治性的,所以对数据中的无知感到抱歉……)你可以看到,Unicode字符转换为\u0031 esque,引号看起来像\" ,新行看起来像\n等。




使用Newtonsoft.Json。 该库非常适合解析和生成JSON。



我使用.NET 4.5,这个方法没有unescape n和“。你可能会读取HttpWebResponse或类似的响应。你可能想将它的响应流转换为字节数组,然后将其转换为转换为一个字符串。

上述就是C#学习教程:C#JSON解析。 解析了逃脱的JSON分享的全部内容,如果对大家有所用处且需要了解更多关于C#学习教程,希望大家多多关注—猴子技术宅(www.ssfiction.com)




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